Week 27-28 (2021)

Release notes:

  • [APD-1459] The duration and numbers of processed tasks are now displayed correctly in the logs of an incoming/route detail page

  • [APD-1506] Solved a bug where the message "This configuration is part of the code base" was shown at every configuration, when logged in with the "User" role
  • [APD-1547] Proxy statistics are now shown on the dashboard - plus are added to the filter options
  • [APD-1553] Solved a bug where any configuration that was part of the code base would mention there were unsaved changes, even though this was not the case
  • [APD-1558] We have added extra fields to the Info page (Settings): Webhook URL, HTTP Proxy Base URL and OpenAPI schema
  • [APD-1562] Written out documentation on how to create a connector package within Alumio
  • [APD-1571] Solved a bug where the updated view of the dashboard was not available for the "User" role
  • [APD-1570] Solved a bug where the "User" role was not able to use the Transformer Tester functionality
  • [APD-1605] Solved a bug which caused the disk space to fill up quickly due to PHP notices of a third party package
  • [APD-1616] Solved a bug which would hide the entire menu after pressing the logout button
  • [APD-1653] Solved a bug which caused the filesystem to fill up due to excessive caching data related to proxies