Week 29-30 (2021)

Release notes:

  • [APD-1508] Finalised preparations for automated updates of the Alumio platform. This will make sure that Alumio is always updated to the latest version every 2 weeks, allowing everyone to use the most recent features and changes
  • [APD-1212] It's now possible to test a SOAP or PDO connection via the Alumio interface by clicking the "Test connection" button

  • [APD-1531] Task detail pages with a lot of entity data would show a bad performance in loading times. This problem has been solved
  • [APD-1603] Alumio will now save your column settings for tables, when making adjustments. The settings are saved per user session
  • [APD-1636] Solved a bug where certain environments would show 2 different versions of the Alumio dashboard at the same time
  • [APD-1621] Improved the performance of Elastic be disabling certain features which were not used, allowing for more efficient memory usage
  • [APD-1650] Solved an issue where the HTTP connector would not use a default value within connector packages when the payload field had no value