Week 31-32 (2021)

Release notes:

  • [APD-1508] Automated the process within Alumio to clean-up Tasks and Elastic data based on the subscription of the environment, preventing it from exceeding the disk space limit
  • [APD-1609] Solved an issue where logs within a specific Task would return a maximum of 10.000 results
  • [APD-1612] Improved the way how "Entity" and "Data" Transformers are displayed throughout the interface, to make a clear distinction between their purpose
  • [APD-1637] Resolved a bunch of loading issues within the Dashboard
  • [APD-1642] Renamed the menu-item "PDO Clients" to "Databases"
  • [APD-1644] Fixed a bug where filtering tasks would throw a validation error
  • [APD-1647] Fixed a bug where the Alumio logged was overlapped by the side menu
  • [APD-1659] Added a link to "regex101.com" in all places where a regular expression can be used, in order to validate your regex