Week 33-34 (2021)

Release notes:

  • [APD-1505] Implemented a renewed local Filesystem directory storage to improve the performance
  • [APD-1628] Defined a default entity schema for Products
  • [APD-1673] Fixed an issue where importing new configurations would not add new ones, but only update existing configurations
  • [APD-1681] Fixed an issue where the Alumio login page would redirect you back to the login page after a successful login
  • [APD-1683] Fixed an issue where the "View configuration" link within the Scheduler would forward you to an incorrect path
  • [APD-1684] By default we no longer support domain whitelisting to login to Alumio, for security reasons. All logins are now based on a specific email address which can be be added within the Users section. For this purpose, we have also improved the error handling when you don't have access to an environment
  • [APD-1693] Fixed an issue where half of the edit page would be cut off after switching from the tab

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