Week 37-38 (2021)

Release notes:

  • [APD-1415] Added a feature to retry requests made to an external system. In certain cases a call to a system could fail due to an overload of requests or a different reason. Before, this would result in an error and the entire route process would end. Now it's possible to define error code ranges (i.e. 400 to 403) to trigger retries of the failed request. Also the amount of the retries is configurable. You can find this new feature under your "HTTP Client" as the "Retry requests" plugin.
  • [APD-1679] Solved a styling bug where the Health Check JSON editor would overlap with other fields
  • [APD-1689] The filename of an exported configuration will now make more sense. Before this would always be named "export.ndjson". We have changed this to "<identifier>_<type>.ndjson" for a single configuration. In case multiple configurations are exported, the filename is written as "export_<datetime>.ndjson"
  • [APD-1692] Solved a bug where it would be impossible to import a configuration with an empty description field
  • [APD-1696] Solved a bug where saving an empty object within a multischema field would trigger a validation error
  • [APD-1697] Defined a standard entity schema for Orders
  • [APD-1707] Defined a standard entity schema for Customers
  • [APD-1701] Solved a bug where switching the mapper type wouldn't update an accessor
  • [APD-1708] Solved a bug where the identifier node did not work on the root (highest) level
  • [APD-1588] Extended the conditional transformer to support "elseif" and "else" statements

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