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Only one screen open or update all screens on save

Today my colleague and I opened the same tramsformer. I was expanding quite a bit in it and he did a small change. I saved the transformer before he saved this transformer ans so he has over written my changes. This same is working if you have 2 open screens in your browser with the same transformer in it. 

Hi Johan,

Thanks for suggesting this fix to the transformer functionality. We have included your feature request in our Backlog.


At this point, we can't give any ETA's when this will be implemented. Please check our release notes every 2 weeks in order to see all the newly added features. The reference ID for this story is APD-1802.

Hi Johan,

I would like to let you know that the Story APD-1802 was released and from now on, when changes are detected that were made by another user, you should see a popup warning message asking you to confirm if you want to override changes made by another user. You are welcome to test it out!

Thank you for helping us become even better!

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