Week 41-42 (2021)

Release notes:

  • [APD-894] Webhook request logs are now displayed in the Alumio dashboard
  • [APD-1592] Table overviews of configurations will now show 2 new informative columns: "Updated" and "Created". These columns are hidden by default but can be made visible via the filter
  • [APD-1662] Solved a bunch of issues where logs would be refreshed too often. Besides that, we implemented several usability improvements in showing/updating the logs within a Task
  • [APD-1750] We have made improvements on the processing of Tasks, which should resolve certain deadlock issues
  • [APD-1756] Alumio is now compatible with Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge
  • [APD-1766] Improved the readability of links within Alumio
  • [APD-1767] We have deprecated the existing "data container filter" and introduced a new version which has the expected behaviour
  • [APD-1768] Alumio now supports streaming for HTTP subscribers
  • [APD-1771] Implemented support for placeholders in SOAP subscriber request body
  • [APD-1774] Implemented support for GET parameters in placeholders
  • [APD-1781] Implemented support for AWS IAM V4 authentication
  • [APD-1785] Enabled TLS1.0 and TLS1.1 for HTTP clients

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