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Conditional "Type: Object"

Now for checking if an XML node is converted to an array you have to build a complicated test. As PHP sees an Object as an Array but what if the check equals Type: Object is added to the platform. Then this should be solvable with 1 check. 

Hi Johan,

Thanks for suggesting this addition to check if type equals Object or Array. We have included your feature request in our Backlog.


At this point, we can't give any ETA's when this will be implemented. Please check our release notes every 2 weeks in order to see all the newly added features. The reference ID for this story is APD-1834.

Hi Johan,

I am happy to update you that the Story APD-1834 was released and the check if Type equals Object or Array was added. 

Thank you for your input into development and improvement of Alumio as a product!

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