Week 43-44 (2021)

Release notes:

  • [APD-1498] We have redesigned the Scheduler overview page to make it more user friendly
  • [APD-1522] The Transformer Tester will now displayed a more friendly notification when something is configured incorrectly
  • [APD-1566] We have implemented the ability to store your Transformer Tester data, for later re-use. This data is saved per environment and not per user. Besides that, we have solved multiple design/layout issues for the Transformer Tester, making it easier to use
  • [APD-1688] Solved certain issues where the loading indicator would show up at the wrong moment
  • [APD-1753] Added support for client certificate in HTTP client
  • [APD-1778] It is now possible to edit a storage value
  • [APD-1779] Solved an issue where the layout would be broken when scrolling/clicking
  • [APD-1783] Added support for SSH key authorization in SFTP clients
  • [APD-1800] Alumio now generates a specific link for logs of incomings, routes and webhooks, allowing you to easily pass it on to someone else
  • [APD-1807] The Transformer Tester now includes an "Enlarge" button, making it easier to populate
  • [APD-1808] Solved a bug where the Serialize XML mapper didn't wrap content into the root element
  • [APD-1811] Solved a bug that caused the Chain HTTP Publisher to be broken
  • [APD-1813] Solved a bug where an incorrect response decoder would cause a syntax error
  • [APD-1820] Solved a bug where using numbers only as an identifier would break the API

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