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Conditional Transformer with support for JMESPATH


In most cases 'string' fields (like in Value Setter) support JMESPATH. But a Conditional Transformer -> Pattern Accessor -> Condition -> String: &{somenode.subnode} doesn't work.

So it looks like a Conditional Transformer's  'condition' doesn't accept JMESPATH, while this is very useful in some cases ("only do this if these two fields aren't equal").

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Hello Floris,

At this point, it is possible to use JMESPath only in the value setter or JSON fields only. We do have a user story for supporting JMESPath for other types of transformers, however, it will take quite a lot of time to get implemented, so I am not able to provide any ETAs as of now. 

Best regards,

Helen Sirenko

Hi Helen,

Thanks for the response! I'd love to hear it when you have an ETA.

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