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Route/Task Management

I would like to see a management tab in the route or task form that allows us to set 

* Task retries for specific times and intervals.

For instance, I want to retry for 5 times in intervals of 5 min.

* Set actions for tasks status changes.



and the actions might be:

* send sms

* send email

* send another http to log endpoint

* store those task in a fail bin

Hi Ibis, 

Thank you so much for suggesting these additions to the scheduler and connections management. 

I have passed this feature request to the Product Development team for review and discussion. 

Whenever I have the user stories references, I will be sure to update you. 

Meanwhile, please keep track of our release notes for updates here.

Hi Ibis,

This is to update you that we have released the Story APD-1366 meant to add a feature to automatically retry certain tasks. 

The other requests are currently being worked on (alerting), however, they won't be as sophisticated as requested as for now.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Hello Helen... Awesome!!!!

What I have done as a workaround for now:

  • Create a incoming route to read failed tasks from the Alumio API ( with filters )
  • Create an outgoing route to post these failed tasks to our Slack channel using a Slack webhook URL.

This works for now, but a baked-in solution would be welcome :) 

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