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See all incoming and outgoing data

As an Alumio user I would like to be able to see all the incoming and outgoing data of a transformer from a task so that I can see how the data evolves during a task and I can pinpoint problems faster

When looking at the logs I can already see a lot of logs from the task going through transformers and you can also see if it gets filtered. It now not entirely clear in which transformer it gets filtered. Also, sometimes it's not clear where data gets transformed exactly because transformers can be very large and complex. Therefore it could be very insightful to display the outgoing data from a transformer in the logs. Then, you can read through the logs and see how the data transforms step by step instead of only seeing the end result and the Entity data tab.

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Hi Robbert,

Thanks for your suggestion. We have added a Story for this in our Backlog to log data between transformers to track data changes.

The reference to this Story is APD-1368.

At this point, we can't give any ETA's when this will be implemented. Please check our release notes every 2 weeks in order to see all the newly added features.

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