Week 47-48 (2021)

Release notes:

  • [APD-1712] Pre-defined Alumio entity schemas are now selectable within the "Settings > Entity schemas" section. We will be extending these entity schemas with the most commonly used ones in the upcoming period. For now "Customers" and "Orders" are supported
  • [APD-1796] The identifier textfield for configurations is now locked (read-only) by default. It will automatically be filled out based on the "Name" textfield. Though, you can overwrite this by unlocking the textfield via the unlock icon
  • [APD-1841] Forms within Alumio will now be read-only when you're logged in with the role "User"
  • [APD-1855] Solved a bunch of issues regarding filter pills on the overview pages
  • [APD-1860] The "private_key" field in Google Cloud Storage filesystem now supports multi line values
  • [APD-1866] Solved an issue where recently the processing of tasks would take longer than before
  • [APD-1823] Optimised the roll-over settings of Elastic to prevent disk space issues

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