Week 49-50 (2021)

Release notes:

  • [APD-824] You are now able to auto-complete environmental variables within forms. When typing an environmental variable, it will automatically show you a dropdown of possible options
  • [APD-1573] Improved the internal structure on how we log HTTP headers, allowing for better usage in the platform
  • [APD-1598] When a filter is applied within a Task, you are now able to view which filter was actually used within the Import and Export logs. The identifier of the filter will be shown, making it easier to debug issues
  • [APD-1770] We have removed CRUD action notifications from the notification bell icon, which were giving no added value to the users
  • [APD-1802] Preventing of multiple users of overwriting their configuration changes at the same time. When this issue occurs, a popup will be shown with a warning message when pressing the save button. This popup will allow you to overwrite their changes or cancel your save action
  • [APD-1834] Added an optional checkbox "Strict" to the "Type: Array" functionality, in order to validate whether it's 100% array and not an object
  • [APD-1846] The database subscriber now allows for raw query input in order to perform your own queries
  • [APD-1850] When a task is in "processing" it will no longer show the option to "Retry" the task
  • [APD-1853] Solved an issue where in certain cases the browser page would freeze when clicking a single log
  • [APD-1879] Set php_value serialize_precision to "-1" to prevent automated cut-off/rounding of numbers

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