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Week 51-02 (2022)

Release notes:

  • [APD-1207] Filters are now applied to the URL - allowing you to easily forward a filtered overview to other users
  • [APD-1366] You can now automatically retry failed/skipped Tasks based on certain parameters. This can be configured within the route detail page
  • [APD-1691] Features in Alumio can now be marked as deprecated. When a feature is marked as deprecated, it will no longer be possible to create a new configuration using this feature. You can however still edit an existing configuration. Besides that, an information box will be displayed explaining the reason for the deprecation and how to solve it
  • [APD-1804] You can now bulk delete configurations from the overview page
  • [APD-1805] Some of our older Alumio UAT environments still used a dot in the environment name ( All these environment names have been adjusted to make sure they use a dash (-) instead of a dot
  • [APD-1859] We have made a lot of improvements to the automatic cleanup of data within Elastic. This should prevent database from filling up too quickly and therefor becoming unreachable
  • [APD-1887] Dashboard filters now include "updated at" records, instead of only looking at the "created at" date of a Task
  • [APD-1888] Table filters are now displayed at the top of the table instead of a separate popup. This allows for faster filtering
  • [APD-1889] Logs for realtime routes are now also displayed correctly in the logs tab. Before it wasn't possible to view these logs within Alumio 
  • [APD-1890] The Akeneo connector package now supports extra oAuth features such as: an offset for the expire date and a lock on the refresh process
  • [APD-1903] Solved an issue where the performance of Alumio would go down when typing in forms
  • [APD-1906] Solved an issue where the GraphQL subscriber would throw an error in certain situations
  • [APD-1907] Updated the Elasticsearch version for the Alumio SDK and Alumio development environments due to the security issues regarding Log4J 
  • [APD-1911] We have adjusted the table overview for the route page to show more useful data. The table will now show the accompanied incoming and outgoing configurations
  • [APD-1913] Solved an issue for the pruning of tasks where an out of memory error could be thrown
  • [APD-1916] We improved the usability of certain form elements
  • [APD-1943] Removed the redirect_uri from the client_credentials flow for oAuth2

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