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Week 05-06 (2022)

Release notes:

  • [APD-1479] We have improved the usability of the route overview table on the homepage of the dashboard
  • [APD-1812] Solved a bug where it would not be possible to open a storage entity if there was a slash in the identifier
  • [APD-1900] It's now possible to use placeholders in HTTP client plugins
  • [APD-1935] Alumio releases will now contain version numbers - making it easier to understand which version of Alumio you're using. The version number can be viewed within the "Settings > Info" page
  • [APD-1960] Solved an issue where the Filesystem Connector in combination with FTP does not return any results
  • [APD-1967] Solved an issue where the HTTP proxy is unable to decode json properly
  • [APD-1968] The input field is now automatically focused after clicking on a filter in dashboard

In the background we're actively working on some really neat features. One of them being the ability to send out email alerts on specific triggers. These triggers can be created per incoming or route. We're in the finishing stages of this feature and hope to launch it in March.

Besides that, we're looking into ways on how to give our forms a total overhaul. Making it more user friendly and faster to create configurations within Alumio.

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