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Overview of complexity of a route

As an Alumio user I would like to see an overview of the complexity of a route so it's easier to understand what the route exactly does.

There are multiple cases where you would like to know more about the complexity of the route:

  1. You are new to the route and want to have an idea of what the route does. In cases of a bigger route, this could mean that there are a lot of dependencies.
  2. There is a problem in the route and you need to find out in which part (transformer) the problem lies but you are not sure if the transformer is on the incoming, the route or the outgoing
  3. You want to edit the storage of the transformer for setting back a tracker or delete some data from for instance a consumed data storage. 

In these cases it would be great to have everything in one overview for a route which will show all it's dependencies like the transformers but also the used storages in a transformer.

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Hi Robbert van der Veen,

I would like to inform you that we have improved the usability of the route overview table on the dashboard's homepage. 

Also, please check our release notes every two weeks to see all the newly added features. 

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