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See task specific incoming data

As an Alumio user I want to see the incoming data from a single task before any transformer is applied so that I can see what the original data was before it was transformed to the entity data.

At this moment you can't see the incoming data of that specific task. It could be in the incoming logs in some cases but whenever it is a big request the data is cut off and in case of FTP-files you don't see it at all.

This could be helpful for detecting problems during developing but also give insight to the owner of the data at the incoming part when the incoming data is not as expected.

There is a way of working around this. 

Do a get from branches on the incoming and setup an outgoing that sends the body node.

So what we usualy do next is to create a Body node in Where we gather al data from all transformers. That way along the whole route all data of the first request will be available and the original data and the result will be available in the body/result node

Keep in mind that you have to clean temp data at the end of the transformers if you want your data to be clean.

Hi Alumio,

Please give feedback on this Feature request, so we know if it may be coming or not.

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