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Week 09-10 (2022)

Release notes:

  • [APD-1591] We have added a "Duplicate" button for all configurations, allowing you to easily copy/duplicate an existing configuration
  • [APD-1905] Storages can now be created dynamically based on entity data in connectors
  • [APD-1957] We have solved an issue where page titles would sometimes be rendered incorrectly. Plus, now they also include the configuration name
  • [APD-1990] Solved a bug where in certain conditions field validation would be triggered incorrectly
  • [APD-1992] Improved the menu display for smaller screens
  • [APD-1993] Added support for nested SOAP headers and/or WS-Addressing headers
  • [APD-1998] Added support for a binary response decoder in the HTTP component
  • [APD-2007] Improved the "Copy log" functionality. It will now include all relevant data and also format the JSON/XML correctly
  • [APD-2011] Solved a bug where dynamic parts of forms would be updated incorrectly
  • [APD-2012] Added multi levels for buttons within configuration detail pages. This should make sure important buttons are always visible without extra clicks

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