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Week 11-12 (2022)

Release notes:

  • [APD-1971] Solved an issue where copy/move in structure accessor transforms keys that contain dots into nested objects
  • [APD-1976] Rebuilt the HTTP decoder plugin to solve the following issues:
    • It always adds a TE header and it also adds an accept-encoding header when enabled

    • When the accept-encoding header is disabled it does not decode the response

    • The stream decorators are not seekable which makes it impossible to use the stream in plugins (such as logging)

  • [APD-1977] Solved an issue where the Transformer Tester is not vertically adjustable for different screen sizes

  • [APD-2000] Added Transformer support to force data as arrays

  • [APD-2005] We have finished the implementation of configuring email alerts/notifications within Alumio. This feature will be gradually rolled out to environments. Besides that, thorough documentation will be created for this new feature as well

  • [APD-2026] Added support for webhook parser from cXML

  • [APD-2034] Solved an issue where the Transformer Tester could not be used before interacting with the input data

  • [APD-2025] Solved an issue where the wrong use of prototypes in connector packages would break certain functionality

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