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Week 15-16 (2022)

Release notes:

  • [APD-1548] Configurations are now run via POST instead of GET to prevent caching issues
  • [APD-1747] You are now able to view your Alumio subscription details on the "Settings > Info" page
  • [APD-1899] Refactored the SDK package installation, making it easier to install for anyone
  • [APD-1978] Solved an issue where storage files would not be removed correctly when deleting a storage
  • [APD-2016] The description field in configurations now includes editor options
  • [APD-2041] After running the Transformer Tester you are now able to view the Transformer logs for better debugging
  • [APD-2043] Improved the Alumio login screen
  • [APD-2058] The timeline of Tasks now also displays seconds instead of hours/minutes only
  • [APD-2071] Solved an issue where the GraphQL variable field was stored as String instead of JSON object

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