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How to disable/override the "Retry requests on failure"

We have a HTTP Client where "Retry requests on failure" is configured. Now we want to disable it in one specific outgoing. Configuring a "Retry requests on failure" plugin on the Outgoing with number of retries = 0 doesn't seem to prevent the retrying. What's the best way? 

I think the easiest way to deal with this is for you to create a different HTTP Client without adding the configuration of the plugins. Because the configuration of the plugins on HTTP Clients will always be used or applied every time the HTTP Client is used.

Settings should override when applying on the route which uses the client, the people from alumio say. Our issue is that there's a bug which made the client do retry even when not allowed. They are struggling with that bug sadly.

Bit sad also that they aren't active on their own forum.

The easiest way but quite inconvenient for maintainability etc.

Thanks for your reply.

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