Alumio version: 3.11.0-RC1

Release notes:

  • [APD-1761] Solved a bug where certain identifier names would cause issues
  • [APD-2069] Solved multiple issues in regards to form validations
  • [APD-2074] The header titles in Alumio are now clickable
  • [APD-2078] Improved the 0Auth2 error authentication messages, plus added the option to view the logs
  • [APD-2081] Solved a bug where the created column was missing in the Incoming logs tab
  • [APD-2099] Removed configurations no longer show up in a configuration select
  • [APD-2111] Solved an issue where the logs of all webhooks would be displayed instead of the current webhook
  • [APD-2137] Solved an issue where the entity schema field would always throw an error on default prototype

In the background we're actively working on large additions to Alumio, which should become available in the upcoming period:

  • Version control of your configurations
  • A full form overhaul on how to configure your transformers
  • The option to test your connections (HTTP clients, SOAP clients, Filesystems) via the dashboard, including via bulk

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