Alumio version: 3.12.0-RC1

Release notes:

  • [APD-1922] A connection tester feature has been added to Alumio. This feature is available for HTTP clients, Filesystems and SOAP connections. With this feature you're able to verify if your connection details are configured correctly
  • [APD-2056] Resolved an issue where the default data was incorrect when creating a new Dictionary and Standard mapper
  • [APD-2108] Each menu-section of Alumio will have a video explaining the purpose of that section. We're actively working on adding these videos as we speak
  • [APD-2140] It's now possible to provide additional properties when refreshing oAuth2 tokens
  • [APD-2148] Solved an issue where dictionary mappers would not use the comparator field
  • [APD-2157] A few issues regarding form validation were introduced recently due to lots of refactoring going on behind the scenes. We've tackled quite a few issues in regards to this
  • [APD-2117] The "status" attribute is now added to an exported configuration

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