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Logs information features (Error and pager)


Feature 1:

When log files get really big it would be nice that if you filter on Errors you can also see 5 log message before and after the error this makes debugging is easier, or the possibility to click on the error and go to that page and location in the log.

Feature 2:

On the end of the log modal also a pager to go to the next page and you scroll to the top again.

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Hi Gijs Epping,

Thank you very much for letting us know your concerns. While we currently don't have plans to develop anything like you mentioned, we agree that it would be very useful for our customers. 

We're going to pass along your request to our product team so that they can consider this moving forward. Could you let me know if you have any other insights you'd like for us to provide? In the meantime, we'll be sure to reach out to you if anything changes about this or we start to work on it.

Thanks so much, again, for taking the time to write in and I'm sorry that I didn't have better immediate news for you.

Best regards,

Gugi Gustaman

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