Alumio version: 3.13.0-RC2

Release notes:

  • [APD-2110] An "Error Plugin" has been added to Alumio which allows you to catch 40x-50x errors to prevent processes from stopping when an error occurs. You can define your own ranges of error codes within this plugin. This plugin can be applied to a HTTP client, HTTP transformer, subscriber and publisher
  • [APD-2046] Added support for oAuth1.0a. This functionality is implemented to be compatible with Magento 1. In the near future we will also add oAuth1.0a support for Magento 2 as they have a different approach
  • [APD-2154] It's now possible to use header information within an incoming configuration. Within the "HTTP Transformer" we have added a checkbox labeled "Add headers to response body" which can be used to enable this functionality
  • [APD-1121] For more clarity a loading icon is shown when logs are still loading in the background
  • [APD-2143] Added a new Transformer: "Get a file from a Filesystem". This new Transformer fetches the content of the file and makes it available in the Entity Data
  • [APD-2152] Solved an issue where a search field would break after pressing backspace too many times
  • [APD-2168] Solved an issue where it was no longer possible to save the "CIMS"  transformers

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