Alumio version: 3.14.0-RC1

Release notes:

  • [APD-1107] Added support to automatically extract ZIP files and process them afterwards
  • [APD-2172] Added validation and HTTP response codes to webhooks
  • [APD-2194] Solved an issue where unwanted parameters appeared in objects once being saved
  • [APD-1791] Users can now restore previous versions of their configurations. Every configuration has an additional tab named "Version Control" which allows you to select the version you'd like to restore
  • [APD-2119] Added the option to cache/store the "Request Authentication" token
  • [APD-2124] The memory usage of processes is now tracked. This is displayed on the dashboard homepage in the route overview (new column) and within the Logs overview table
  • [APD-2128] On the "Info" page you are now able to view when your Alumio instance has been updated
  • [APD-2169] We have improved the content which is displayed in the Alert emails to make it more useful for our users. In the next Alumio release this content will be improved even further.
  • [APD-2170] Solved an issue where the "Saved" button state was changed into "Save" in several occasions

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