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Alumio version: 3.16.0-RC2

Release notes:

  • [APD-2182] Alumio now has a page which shows the server usage of your environment in a graph form. It displays information about your CPU load, Memory load, Disk usage and Database usage. This page will be updated in the future with more relevant information. The page can be found via: Settings > Server statistics
  • [APD-2177] We have added a feature which shows the relations between your configurations. This feature is available to all types of configurations within Alumio. You can find it on the detail page of a configuration in the "Relations" tab. It displays the parents and children (all the way down) of the selected configuration
  • [APD-2245] Added support for PostgreSQL databases
  • [APD-2230] Added a Transformer which can sort the keys of an object (Object: sort keys)
  • [APD-2222] Solved an issue where Webhooks would display incorrect logging under certain circumstances
  • [APD-2205] Improved the way how Alert emails are shown, including more useful data within the contents
  • [APD-2166] Added support for Entity Transformers within HTTP Proxies

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