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It's a new week and Alumio has come up with new and powerful updates. From adding new features and improving the ease-of-use to resolving some issues, Alumio just got a booster dose from the developers. Here is a glimpse of the weekly release that makes the famed iPaaS platform even more potent!

Release notes

  • [APD-1790] It's now possible to kill an Alumio process (running incoming or route) via the dashboard. The overview of running processes can be found via: Settings > Processes
  • [APD-2286] Added support for S3 compatible API for AWS
  • [APD-2297] It's now possible to select an Entity Transformer within a Data Transformer
  • [APD-2298] Added support for the "Read Header" option in the XLSX parser
  • [APD-2306] Solved an issue where a Null presence in a HTTP client's GET request body would cause a bad request
  • [APD-1983] Added a "Quick Create" button to the main menu-items to quickly create a new configuration
  • [APD-2233] You can now save the expected result within the Transformer Tester and compare it to the actual behaviour
  • [APD-2273] Extended the "Server statistics" page with timeframe selection and a graph which displays the Infrastructure Load
  • [APD-2276] Added support for EQUAL search in filters

Release dates

  • Release candidate: 3.18.0-RC1 on 13-09-2022 (For usage on UAT)
  • Stable release: 3.18.0 on 27-09-2022 (For usage on Production)

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Hi Tommy Quissens,

We have contacted you via support portal regarding your question. Feel free to ask us any questions via the ticket.

Best regards

Gugi Gustaman

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Are environments automatically updated, or what's the strategy on this? I see ours is a bit outdated. Guess we requested upgrades previously.

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