It's a new week and Alumio has come up with new and powerful updates. From adding new features and improving the ease-of-use to resolving some issues, Alumio just got a booster dose from the developers. Here is a glimpse of the weekly release that makes the famed iPaaS platform even more potent!

Release notes

  • [APD-1790] It's now possible to kill an Alumio process (running incoming or route) via the dashboard. The overview of running processes can be found via: Settings > Processes
  • [APD-2286] Added support for S3 compatible API for AWS
  • [APD-2297] It's now possible to select an Entity Transformer within a Data Transformer
  • [APD-2298] Added support for the "Read Header" option in the XLSX parser
  • [APD-2306] Solved an issue where a Null presence in a HTTP client's GET request body would cause a bad request
  • [APD-1983] Added a "Quick Create" button to the main menu-items to quickly create a new configuration
  • [APD-2233] You can now save the expected result within the Transformer Tester and compare it to the actual behaviour
  • [APD-2273] Extended the "Server statistics" page with timeframe selection and a graph which displays the Infrastructure Load
  • [APD-2276] Added support for EQUAL search in filters

Release dates

  • Release candidate: 3.18.0-RC1 on 13-09-2022 (For usage on UAT)
  • Stable release: 3.18.0 on 27-09-2022 (For usage on Production)

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Are environments automatically updated, or what's the strategy on this? I see ours is a bit outdated. Guess we requested upgrades previously.

Hi Tommy Quissens,

We have contacted you via support portal regarding your question. Feel free to ask us any questions via the ticket.

Best regards

Gugi Gustaman

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