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Fail a task (based on response body)

As an alumio consultant, 

It would be great if we have some way of failing a task based on conditions, so we have a better insight in certain routes.


there is a third party endpoint, which always returns http status 200, even if the request is malformed.

Kind regards,

Rudger Gravestein

PS: I already suggested to skip the task, but it is not what our customer wants.

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Hi Rudger Gravestein,

Thank you for the feedback on your experience using Alumio. We really appreciate it. We are agree that it would be beneficial for Alumio users to deal with such case.

We passed this information to our product team, and we would like to let you know that we decided to create a story for this. We will be sure to keep you informed of any updates from the team regarding the story.

Have a nice day!

Best regards.

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