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Alumio Alerts improvements

To bridge the gap between the functionality of Elasticsearch Watchers and Alumio Alerts here are several feature requests. These can bring it up to the standard that we have been used to.

A. As Alumio consultant I want to have different behavior on UAT versus PROD while having the same object configuration in code.

Currently it IS possible to use an environment variable for a recipient, but it is NOT possible to add an additional recipient on only one environment without changing configuration. I tested with comma-separated and dotcomma-separate for the recipient environment variable value, but this doesn't work.

B. As Alumio consultant I want to vary when a data inactivity check is performed during the week and during times of the day. Example: orders may be expected during business hours, but not in the middle of the night on Sunday. With Elasticsearch Watcher definitions the full cron-style schedule can be set. With Alumio alerts this cannot be done.

C. As Alumio consultant I want to set a threshold for task status checks below which no alert is sent. For example: in most environments there are routes which have a known small percentage of failed tasks on which no immediate action is needed. The route alert does have an option to group notifications, but this will still produce unwanted alerts. With Elasticsearch Watchers, you can configure within a timeperiod of last x minutes/hours to notify when more than y logs are found with a certain tag, such as task.failed .

D. As Alumio consultant I want the possibility to notify by external webhook. For example: to Microsoft Teams, which has a REST webhook and URL path as authentication.

Hi Niels,

Thank you for your feedback about your experience using the Alumio platform. We are very sure that the ideas would be great improvements for the platform, and Alumio users would love to have those features. Therefore, we will pass this information on to the corresponding team to see the possibility of adding the improvements in the future.

Once again, thank you for your feedback. We will keep you informed of any updates regarding your requests.

Have a great day!

Best regads,

Gugi Gustaman

Hi Niels, 

As we mentioned, the ideas would be great improvements for Alumio platform. We would like to inform you that we discussed with the product team and we decided to create a story for every idea you mentioned. We will let you know once the features are available for you to try in the future.

Best regards,

Gugi Gustaman

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