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We wish to inform everyone who has trusted Alumio to deliver flawless integrations for their organizations/businesses that Alumio version 3.23.0-RC3 is now available. To improve the platform, our developers have eliminated a number of problems, enhanced already-existing functions, and incorporated unique new features.


Here's what is new in v3.23.0-RC3

  • [New!] Support has been added for the Netsuite OAuth flow.

  • [New!] Users can debug Transformers in detail by setting breakpoints. Awesome, isn’t it?

  • [New!] Now, Alumio returns a 401 error instead of a 400 error if there is no match found via the 'header matcher' for 'Authorization'. 

  • [Resolved] The support team has detected and resolved a bug wherein the "Delete" button was not working for API keys.

  • [Resolved] How irritating was it when unsaved change detection worked incorrectly for the merger transformers? Well, we corrected it!

  • [Resolved] Our clients requested us to resolve the issue where configurations that are in use cannot be restored. Now, you canrestore them!

  • [Resolved] The Alumio support team has resolved a bug wherein the "Export" button was not available in some instances.

  • [Resolved] We received complaints about the JSON editor size/resizing being broken at times we took note! The issue has been resolved.


Don't forget the release dates!

  • Release candidate: 3.23.0-RC3 on 29-11-2022 (For usage on UAT)

  • Stable release: 3.23.0 on 13-12-2022 (For use on Production)


A peek into the future!

  • You can soon recursively duplicate your configurations via the dashboard. Wait for it!

  • We will soon provide detailed documentation about Alumio's APIs.

  • OAuth1.0a support for Magento 2 is going to be available soon!

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