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We wish to inform everyone who has trusted Alumio to deliver flawless integrations for their organizations/businesses that Alumio version 3.24.0-RC4 is now available. To improve the platform, our developers have eliminated a number of problems and incorporated unique new features.


Here's what is new in v3.24.0-RC4!

  • [New!] Alumio now generates API documentation automatically. The API documentation can be found on (stable) and (release candidate). The documentation will be updated with each new version of Alumio!

  • [New!] We have added 3 additional conditions to the filter - Filter by storage entities. These are the counter-version of the existing ones. Awesome, isn’t it?


Here’s what we have resolved!

  • [Resolved] The product team has resolved an issue where adding new users in certain conditions would cause problems.

  • [Resolved] How often were you frustrated with the template in the Chain SOAP Publisher when it did not accept objects? Now, it does and operates smoothly!

  • [Resolved] Alumio users complained about an issue where Strip HTML tags as Mapper would be shown twice. Well, we corrected it!


Don't forget the release dates!

  • Release candidate: 3.24.0-RC4 on 13-12-2022 (For usage on UAT)

  • Stable release: 3.24.0 on 27-12-2022 (For usage on Production)


More updates are incoming, stay tuned!