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Entity transformers are used to perform actions related to the data within your integrations. Examples of such actions are transforming it to the desired format, creating caching layers to optimize your integrations, or enriching your data object by doing additional API calls.

Entity transformers can be created and maintained by navigating to Connections -> Entity transformers.

Creating and maintaining entity transformers

Possible configuration fields:

  • Name - A name describing the transformation this configuration performs, i.e. Move customer_id to customer_number field
  • Identifier - A unique identifier for this entity transformer (this field is automatically generated based on the name).
  • Description - Detailed description for the entity transformer.
  • Disabled - A flag that indicates whether the entity transformer configuration is disabled. Disabled entity transformer configurations do not process data.
  • Settings - The type of entity transformer to be used for this configuration.

In addition to the fields above, the entity transformer page also presents two JSON fields on the right side of the screen. The upper field takes the input data, the data before the entity transformer is executed, and the lower field displays the result of the entity transformer.