This article provides step-by-step guidance on how to use the connector to send orders from Alumio to Exact.

In order to integrate your Exact environment within Alumio, you will need to follow the setup guide.

Step 1: Configure create order from Alumio to Exact 

1. Go to Connections > Outgoing.  

2. Hit "+" to create a new one.

3. Write the name for the outgoing configuration.

4. Select Publisher as “Exact -Sales Order - Create”. 

5. Select HTTP client as “Exact”, which is a configuration available from an HTTP Client drop-down list that has been created before (described in the setup guide).  

Add a new transformer. For this:

1. go to Connections -> Entity transformers.

2. Hit "+" to create a new one.

3. Select a transformer “Exact - Customer – Retrieve Customer” in the Settings section. 

4. Select HTTP Client as "Exact". 

This transformer will be getting customer id based on the Division, if the customer doesn’t exist yet, it will create a new customer.

5. Add a new transformer in “Data transformers” section -> select “Exact- Order – Alumio Order to Exact”. 

This transformer is used for restructuring data order from to Exact sales order.

6. Add a new transformer in “Data transformers” section -> select “Exact- Order – Getting Item Id From Exact” -> Select HTTP Client as “Exact”. This transformer will get product ID based on SKU data from order. 

Note: The configuration from the incoming until route will have the result order with the order from

That's it!

You are now ready to start synchronizing orders from Alumio to your Exact environment. Setup a Scheduled Job in order to enable automatic synchronization.