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This article describes how to update an order status in WooCommerce.


Step 1: Create an outgoing configuration

  • Navigate to “Connections” in the menu and select “Outgoing”.
  • Create a new outgoing configuration to setup the process of WooCommerce order status updates.
  • Insert a name in the “name” field.
    1. For example: “WooCommerce – Orders – Update an order status”
  • Under “Publisher” select “WooCommerce - Order - Update Status”
  • Under “OrderId”, specify the path where the order ID is stored within the data, using the “&{}” notation.
    1. For example: “&{identifier}” or “&{}”.
  • Under “WooCommerce HTTP client” select the HTTP client that you created during the initial setup.
  • Click “Add entity transformer” and select “WooCommerce - Order Status - Restructure from Alumio order”.
    1. This transformer converts data from the Alumio order schema to a format that WooCommerce understands.

  • Under “Map”, you can assign each of the order statuses from your other system to the WooCommerce order statuses.


Step 2: Create a route

Next you’ll create a route to bind the incoming configuration to the outgoing configuration. In the route, you’ll need to select the outgoing configuration you created in the previous steps.

On the following links, you can find more information about creating routes and incoming configurations and subscribers.


Additional information

This outgoing configuration uses the Alumio order schema.


That’s it!

You should now be able to update order statuses in WooCommerce!