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Use case

Merger transformer helps in combining data pulled from a source with the current data (both being wrapped within an entity data).

For this example, let’s use a merger transformer in combination with a HTTP transformer. You can refer to what we had discussed under HTTP Transformer (refer point 8). 



Here’s how you can add a merger transformer.


Step 1: You have to temporarily remove the HTTP transformer first.

Step 2: Select Merger Transformer under Data Transformers.

Step 3: Now select a HTTP Transformer under it, and follow the same steps mentioned in point 8 (above).

Step 4: Fill in the field of Template. If you want to merge both data under an object with a new key, mention the key. For example, “xxxx” : “&{@}”.

Step 5: On clicking the Run Test button, you can visualize that the previous data has been recorded. It’s followed by the new key xxxx containing the object obtained from the merger transformer.

Video guide