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Use case

The Operator Transformer, as the name suggests, allows you to conduct multiple operations on two datasets. There are mathematical operatorsbitwise operatorsarray merging/comparing, and much more.


Here’s how you can implement the transformer.

Step 1: Click on Add Data Transformer and select Operator transformer.

Step 2: Select the Operator. For example, you can select Addition, Array Merge, etc.

Step 3: There are two fields named Data Container Right Path and Data Container Left Path. Enter the two data sets on which you want to run the operation as per your requirement.

Step 4: Next, you have to fill the field of the Data Container Destination Path. This is the new key that will reflect the operated data.

Step 5: The transformer will run the desired operation and store the operated data in the new key.  You can visualize the same by clicking on the Run Test button.

Video guide