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Use case

It is a common practice in eCommerce to have numerous variations of a product. For example, a product can be sold in many colors and different sizes. However, there can be a parent data that is consistent among all the variations. This transformer allows you to copy such parent data to all the product variations seamlessly.


Here’s how you can implement the transformer.

Step 1: Click on Add Data Transformer and select Recursively Copy Values To Children transformer.

Step 2: Fill the field of Pattern to children within a parent by specifying the variants (or children).

Step 3: Fill the field of Mapping of values from parent to child by specifying the parent data (placeholders) that will be copied to its variants (or children)

Step 4: Upon clicking the Run Test button, you will observe that the transformer has copied the required data (mentioned in Step 3) to the variants.

Video guide