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Use case

The Value Setter transformer can quickly prototype a data object, execute mathematical calculations of numerous fields at one go, and even integrate one/multiple fields. 


Here, we have explored how you can combine two strings (or fields0 together.

Step 1: Click on Add Data Transformer and select Value Setter transformer.

Step 2: Set up the Value Setter configuration next. 

Step 3: Specify the Key (where the combined strings will be saved, let’s say X)

Step 4: Next, select the Value (Strong in this case). Place two value holders with the strings that you want to combine. Let’s consider two strings, String A and String B. In this case, you have to input: &{A} &{B}

Step 5:  Upon clicking the Run Test button, you will observe that the transformer has saved the combined value of A & B in X.

Video guide