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Use case

Dictionary Map is a crucial mapper offered by Alumio to perform multiple mapping transformations on fields where the same comparator is used. 

A viable example of Dictionary Map will be mapping a range of numbers to specific values. For instance, if you retrieve delivery dates between the days of 0 to 30, this mapper can be deployed to map them specifically for the values of 5, 8, 18, and 30. 


Here is a step-by-step guide to do that.

Step 1: Click on Add Data Transformer.

Step 2: Select Value Mapper.

Step 3: Within the Value Mapper, select Key Accessor from the Accessor drop-down list.

Step 4: Click on Add Keys and specify the key (or keys) that you wish to serialize from an entity data.

Step 5: Click on Add Mappers and select Dictionary Map.

Step 6: Click on Add Map and select a Comparator from the Comparator drop-down list. Subsequently, you can add as many maps as you wish.

Step 7: You can add multiple values as per the chosen Comparator

Step 7:  On clicking the Run Test button, you will see that the dictionary Map mapper has mapped the values accordingly.

Video guide