The Format: Date Mapper allows users to map dates in any format that the PHP datetime supports. This way, it is possible to map the date, i.e., 021822 to 18-02-2022. Apart from that, it is also possible to map the datetime value by input, such as tomorrow or -3 days. 

Please refer to for available formats and for available time zones. 

In this guide, we will provide a sample of how you can use this mapper. 

Use Case

Format a value as a date 

  1. Add new Value mapper. 
  2. Configure the accessor to access the attribute to the value that you want to map. 
  3. Add new mapper and choose Format: Date. 
  4. Here you will get some fields to fill in.

    • Output format (required). The output datetime format of the mapping. 
    • Input format. The date instance will be created based on the datetime format of the input value. 
    • Output timezone. The output datetime time zone of the mapping. 
    • Input timezone. The date instance will be created based on the datetime time zone of the input value. 

Create new date 

  1. Create a new Value setter.
  2. Fill in the name of the new Key.
  3. Choose string as a config value, then you can leave the Value field blank if you want to get the current time, or you can modify the Value field as your need, e.g., “-3days”.

  4. Add a new mapper and choose Format: Date 
  5. Here you will get some fields to fill in.

    • Output format (required). The output datetime format of the mapping. 
    • Output timezone. The output datetime time zone of the mapping.